Seigoya & Co. is specialized in precious metals such as gold, silver and platinum since 1855, and now we are proud of offering you a new and unique material, "SuperWood Powder" made from natural dried Japanese cedar tree (scientific name: Cryptomeria Japonica, D. Don).  We are actively looking for suitable applications for this product.


Name of Company: Seigoya & Co.

Established: October 1, 1969

Paid up capital: 10 million yen

Address: 2-9, Kudan Minami 4-chome, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 102-0074, Japan

TEL & FAX: +81-3-5214-6144

E-mail: mmatt@seigoya.com

Business: Precious metal products (Gold, Silver, & Platinum)

                 Diamond loose and jewelry

                 R&D in the field of nanotechnology, representing Applied Nanotech, Inc., Austin, Texas 78758, U. S. A.

                  New business - SuperWood Powder made from natural dried Japanese Cedar


The history of Seigoya dates back to 1855 when Mr. Isuke Matsumuracame to Edo (former name of Tokyo) and opened a money exchange business in Ginza.  The business was expanding to deal with precious metalas such as gold and silver which made Seigoya as a precious metal dealer, and factory for fabrication of precious metal products such as dental alloy and other industrial application.  After the world war II, Segoya started to sell jewelry on retail basis.  Further progress was made in 2000 when Seigoya sifted its business toward more industrial side and R&D business.  Now, Seigoya is mainly working as a trading company to work for foreign companies as their representatives in Japan.



(1) Precious metal products - Jewelry, Gift items

(2) Diamond - Diamond loose and jewelry

(3) Nanoinks & pastes, Nanocomposits & Sensors

(4) SuperWood Powder made from Japanese cedar tree

(5) Japanese green tea & "OGATTEA" organic green tea mixed with SuperWood Powder


4/19/2015: Taruwaki-en (Taruwaki Organic Tea Garden) - We have started to sell Japanese green tea!

Taruwaki-en a family owned organic tea farming company, located in Shizuoka prefecture Kawane Honcho in an altitude of 630 meters .This region is famous for cultivating high-quality tea, mainly because of its sharp drop in temperature between day and night and the foggy weather conditions . Taruwaki-en's tea is called “The Tea of the Mountain" grown without pesticide, and has a unique noble aroma.

Taruwaki’s products that are sold commercially in Japan:
“Tokujo Sencha” – Extra best quality green tea
“Kawaneno Ka” – Aroma of Kawane
“Shin Getsuno Cha” – Tea of New Moon
“Man Getsuno Cha” – Tea of Full Moon